• Starting with the Best 'Green' Beans

    We start by selecting exceptional coffees. These beans are not cheap and not average, but they make the difference. At the end of the day, we offer coffee that excites us.

  • Grown by Great People

    We like our beans to come from people who are like us and treat their people fairly, paying them well and treating them better. We only purchase coffee above the cost of production from true coffee gardeners.

  • Roasted in our own Style

    We share the desire and passion to continually improve our product by using the finest ingredients, old and new techniques, leading industry equipment, and software.

  • All to Bring You The Very Best Coffee We Can

    The result is a new kind of coffee—one far different and far better than in our grandfather’s time and better than nearly everything out there.

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The Pumphouse Pouratorium

The Pumphouse Pouratorium

Our new, 8.000 square foot cafe, roastery and lab is now open! One part coffee playground, one part community hub, this is the culmination of so much hard work and planning, and we are so excited to share it.

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Procured with intention and attention

Our intentions when selecting our beans is to choose extraordinary green coffee beans from amazing locations and work with people that share our values, to treat others like you wish to be treated.

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Roasted in real time

Over the years we have always worked hard to get better, and our equipment and skill set have never been this good. The end result is a reflection of what we set out to create in the profile of our coffees. And when you place your order, that's when we roast your beans, so you always have the freshest product.

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Blended For All Tastes



Enjoy the full range of our offerings, including specialty blends and unique...